Meet Our Team

Mike Peters

Direct Line: 260-667-2105
Direct Fax Line: 260-667-2140

Vern Schoore

Direct Line: 260-667-2145

Ron Baker

Vice President of Operations
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2150

Jason McKee

Vice President of Engineering
Direct Line: 260-667-2123
Direct Fax Line: 260-667-2126

Stacy Shambaugh

Sales Coordinator
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2144



Brandi Blount

Manufacturing Coordinator

Direct Phone:  260-667-2133

Mary Fitch

Customer Service Manager
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2107
Direct Fax: 260-665-8517

Lindsay Hedges

Customer Service Representative

Direct Phone: 260-667-2102

Janel Gessaman

Customer Service Representative


Peggy Scheeter

Purchasing Manager
Direct Phone Number:  260-667-2131
Direct Fax:  260-667-2101

Suzanne Campagna

Procurement Specialist
Direct Phone Number:  260-667-2122
Direct Fax:  260-667-2108

Courtney Hantz

Project Engineer
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2120
Direct Fax:  260-667-2112

Karen Hazelett

Quality Manager
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2147
Direct Fax: 260-665-8517

Benjamin Quaak

Quality Supervisor
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2158
Direct Fax: 260-665-8517

Graham Nester

Cost Accountant
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2113
Direct Fax: 260-667-2134

Jeni Peters

Executive Assistant
Direct Phone Number:  260-667-2110
Direct Fax:  260-665-8517



Sue Mabe

 Human Resources Manager
Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2166
Direct Fax: 260-667-2125

Jo Corell

Direct Phone Number: 260-667-2104



Chad Hoffman

Manufacturing Engineer

Direct:  260-667-2146